The Dark Crop Performance Festival is an all-night arts festival that showcases a variety of acts including music, theatre, dance, poetry, puppetry, and story-telling, as well as a visual artists showcase that includes painters, photographers, and local artisans. The festival takes place on the second last weekend of August and runs throughout the entirety of one night, beginning just before sunset and ending with the sunrise the following morning. Dark Crop invites the audience to connect to the outdoors, the stars and the moon, and art in a new environment that they may not have been exposed to previously. We created this festival to bring Canadian artists together and because of our love of the Canadian outdoors and the connection we as performers can have with the land we’re performing on. Dark Crop encourages artists to ask questions about what it means to perform outdoors, at night, away from the city and hopes that artists use the natural environment to heighten their stories and voices to a new level they would not be able to reach in a traditional theatre venue. We are also proud to create a platform for emerging artists to showcase new work and begin to develop their individual voices. For that reason, Dark Crop is very valuable in the continuation and growth of the Canadian theatre scene and, in turn, Canadian culture as a whole.

The ticket price includes admission to the full evening of performances, one campsite, and a communal morning meal which in past years has included fresh fruit from local vendors, homemade baked goods, and granola, coffee, and tea. At OPIA, we are passionate about celebrating and supporting the communities we perform in and for that reason we source our food and drink from local farms, businesses, and breweries. This year we are excited to be partnering with El Milagro Food Truck and Las Chicas del Cafe!


Click the links below to find more information about passes, the festival line-up, past years, and other ways you can continue to support the festival!